Simple Stress Relief Hack | Natural Solution to Reduce Anxiety.

Simple Stress Relief Hack: While stress is the body’s response to unpleasant situations or circumstances, anxiety is the resulting reaction to stress. Stress-induced anxiety can have a significant effect on our mental and physical well-being and affect our daily lives.  
It has been well established that magnesium plays a crucial role in maintaining our neurological health. Magnesium is important for effective nerve transmission and neuromuscular conduction (Kirkland, Sarlo, et al. 2018) as well as for promoting and regulating other brain functions to reduce stress and anxiety.  

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Studies suggest that magnesium allows increased uptake of GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid, or γ-aminobutyric acid) in our central nervous system, which encourages relaxation and sleep. This means that lower levels of magnesium in our bodies will correspond to low levels of GABA, which makes it hard for our mind and body to relax.  

Hence, a sufficient intake of magnesium has become crucial in maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle. If your body experiences a magnesium deficit, you will naturally feel it. It will cause your brain to fatigue quicker and experience higher levels of stress and anxiety.  In some cases, prolonged deficiency of magnesium can result in poor gut health, which has also shown direct links to mental health and/or other neurological disorders (Sartori, Whittle, et al. 2012). 

Relaxing your mind and body is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle and gives you the peace of mind you badly need. Magnesium supplementation can meet you halfway in reducing stress. Mg2plus product range has been developed to enable effortlessly include magnesium as a part of your daily routine. 


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