"From pondering over its miraculous benefits, to scientifically proving transdermal absorption; we have come a long way in establishing Mg2plus as Australia’s trusted transdermal magnesium brand." 

Mg2plus was born in 2019 collectively bringing our founder Dr. Navin Chandrasekaran’s experience in research and product development, with the formulation of our world’s first scientifically proven magnesium spray. Since then we launched several products destined to make a difference for our customers. Mg2plus is one such brand formed after years of learning and understanding of intricate biochemical balance of the human body, specifically skin.  


With the curiosity for nature and biology, Navin's quest for understanding the ancient knowledge about magnesium’s health benefits started as a twelve year old - thanks to the picture of his dad floating in the Dead Sea.

Arriving in Australia eight years later to pursue Master of Biotechnology at the University of Queensland, Navin found that topical use of magnesium as a natural remedy for various disorders were being marketed without much scientific basis. This led to undertaking an opportunity to understand magnesium’s links to health benefits by getting to the bottom of scientific literature, and Navin highlighted the need to for further research. Link to source article. 


This review of scientific literature revealed a tremendous knowledge gaps in understanding magnesium's ability to pass through the skin. There were also misconceptions around magnesium impermeability, originating from erroneous calculation of magnesium's ionic radii. 

Navin then set sail to a committed four years research in this area through a PhD at the University of Queensland. This research not only overturned the misconceptions, but also proved magnesium's ability to pass through skin. These results were peer-reviewed by experts in magnesium research and is one of the highly cited papers in the field.  



While Mg2plus is our best attempt at bringing our original research straight to customers, in his past life Navin had the opportunity work with iconic Australian pool equipment manufacturers to develop mineral formulation for swimming pools. However, he felt it was not enough to enable Australians to include magnesium through their daily routine. Hence Mg2plus was born to develop products that are accessible and affordable to every Australian.  



With a market that is flooded with different brands and types of magnesium, Mg2plus is committed to bringing you the highest quality magnesium products that are backed by credible scientific studies, to support your wellbeing and active lifestyle.  


Mg2plus, literally signifies the chemical state of magnesium ions. The heart in our logo means the impact magnesium can have on your health. You can also visualise the characters m, g, 2, + denoting mg2plus. We also managed to cheekily represent the number 24, which stands for the atomic mass of magnesium.
Goes to say without doubt that at Mg2plus, we are serious about magnesium.