We are an Australian company based in Brisbane, founded on the basis of scientific research proving magnesium's ability to be absorbed by human skin.


Mg2plus is committed to bringing you the highest quality magnesium products that are backed by credible scientific studies, to support your active lifestyle. Magnesium is crucial for general wellbeing and is involved in over 300 biological reactions in the body, including calcium absorption, normalised muscle function, improving bone and skin health, aiding muscle recovery, promoting relaxation and restful sleep. 


Mg2plus, literally signifies the chemical state of magnesium ions. The heart in our logo means the impact magnesium can have on your health. You can also visualise the characters m,g,2,+ denoting mg2plus. We also managed to cheekily represent the number 24, which stands for the atomic mass of magnesium. 


Despite several anecdotal evidence and research, magnesium’s ability to permeate through human skin was highly debated. In 2016, a ground breaking scientific study published by Dr. Navin Chandrasekaran conducted at the University of Queensland, Australia proved that magnesium ions can permeate through human skin. This study received an accolade as one of the most consulted research articles in magnesium research, which on its own merits forms the strong foundation for the products developed at Mg2plus.

Backed by credible science, Mg2plus establishes itself as the trusted transdermal magnesium supplement brand in Australia.